Never loud enough. Never pretty enough. Never skinny enough. Not smart enough. Not tall enough. Never this nor that. I remember someone telling me, why can’t you be more like this person, your sibling or your friend. I felt so crushed because it made me feel as if how I am wasn’t good enough.

So that plagued my life for a long time, it had me questioning my worth. Am I not valuable? Am I not as prized a possession as that person? Things will happen, but it’s up to us, not perfectly, to believe and trust, by faith, that God will work everything out according to His plan. It’s God who can use these situations to grow stronger.

If it weren’t for those situations, I wouldn’t have become more free to be more like me. If it weren’t for those situations, I wouldn’t have begin loving the corkiness about me and my style.

Same is for you, love the skin your in. Exactly the way God created you, He made you UNIQUE (of course we can make our uniqueness an idol, which I will talk more on later). BUT, He hand crafted you perfectly in His image. Just think if everyone was a talker, who would listen? If everyone wanted to be a teacher, who would be the student? This is goes on.

I’m learning to continue to embrace who I am, but, most importantly, believe who God says I am. Which is, FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE.