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Having “me time” is one of the best gifts I could give to myself! Whether I take myself to the movies, dinner, or even to the spa it matters.  After a stressful week, I honestly look forward to alone time. When I worked in customer service, I had to sit and listen to customers complain their way up the corporate chain. The customer hated the product but wanted to keep it and get a refund.

Sigh! Oh, the sounds of suspicion.

After sitting there fighting to keep my sanity; the last thing I wanted to do was talk, yet alone listen.

While on your solo date there will be those who may think, “Oh, she must have no friends!” However, the fact is, none of those claims are true. I have my group of friends. We don’t always get to see each other due to our schedules. On the other hand, when we do get together; it’s as if time hasn’t passed.

I actually thoroughly enjoy spending my “Me Time” reflecting and conceptualizing future goals. It’s so funny because random people that I have met think I’m crazy!

“What you’re here by yourself? Where are your friends?”

Let’s not forget the famous, “Oh-my-gosh. I could never do that. I must  have my friends with me wherever I go.”

I get how going solo can be scary; however, there are far more scarier things in this world. Unless you’re scared of getting to know yourself! Haha.

To make a long story short, it’s so fulfilling to unwind in a positive way. Taking myself on dates has increased my confidence, allowing me to see the world and myself in a different light. When you are on your own, the world actually seems to move at a slower pace. Why not stop time for a little bit and enjoy the beauty of life?

Did I mention it’s always fun to people watch? If you haven’t done this yes, then you are missing out. From witnessing a man get on his knees to propose to his long-time girlfriend to watching a mother became hysterical as her newborn baby broke glass with those Mariah Carey notes. My heart filled with sympathy for the new mother; however, it reminded me that I wanted to wait a bit longer before having children. Haha. Well, first I had to get married. But before I could even think about that, I still needed a potential boyfriend. Yeah, that part.    

At times, I even run into like-minded individuals who aren’t afraid to take themselves out on a date.  You never who you’re going meet! Of course, that is only when I was in the mood to speak!

I didn’t plan on being in the customer service industry for long. It was a job I was grateful to have, while getting by in this season. Afterall, I had responsibilities and I wanted to stay in the big city and be an adult. So, I took whatever job I could get at the time. 

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