Photo Credit: Keith Photography

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Freedom. Hmm. Are you walking in true freedom, or have the opinions of man-kind kept you from living and being who you’ve been created to be?

It’s so funny how vulnerability, or nakedness and bearing your mistakes, can cause one of two things: shame or freedom. When we’ve committed something that we never want anyone to know about, like giving into the peer pressures of life (which goes against our morals); or, when our hidden secret is brought to the light, exposed for, what it feels like, the entire world to see.

On the otherhand, vulnerability or nakedness can lead to freedom because what once held you captive has now set you free. Once you were bound by the four-walls in which others potentially could place you. Running and fighting for your life, to keep your very secret buried six feet under. Instead it’s where you’ve placed yourself, the ruling in favor of a life long sentencing behind bars.

Are you walking in your freedom, or are you still hiding behind the curtains, hoping that no one will ever uncover that of which you’ve buried? Don’t choose to stay behind the curtains, letting your world crumble. No, choose freedom.

Episode #50: Hide or Be Free… That is the Question: Did you know that when you are vulnerable to others, willingly and unwillingly, you can either feel like hiding or you can walk in freedom? The question is, why are you afraid.