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Are you the type of person who looks at the outwardly appearance of someone to determine if you want to be friends with them? Well, I must say, we have all had a time in our lives where we based our friendship invitations on how someone dressed.

I’ve had many times where someone caught my eye because of the grace they held, while sashaying across that runway (or, in everyday life, across the street). But, similar to meeting a guy that we could potentially date, we must begin to peel back the layers. We must begin to look past the clothes and shoes, the overall exterior. Instead, we must begin looking at their heart, their character, and their demeanor, including, how they treat others. 

If your newfound friend is uptight, rolling her eyes at someone who appears insignificant, we might want to question if this is the type of friendship we’d like to entertain. I’m not saying lets walk around being judgmental. No, instead, I am suggesting that we be careful of the company that we keep because their ways and character can very well become our own. 

For example — when you are baking bread, typically you have an entire list of ingredients that need to be added. Most of the ingredients being inactive; however, their are times when you have an active ingredient that changes the DNA of the others. For example, yeast can make the doe rise, changing the overall appearance. 

The question I want to leave you with is, are your friends changing your entire DNA? If so, are they changing it for the good? Are you starting to snap at your peers, those who you feel are insignificant? Lastly, what are the characteristics that you feel are most significant?