Photo Credit: @her.radientlove

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Did you know that, according to, nakedness means “exposed to harm; vulnerable?” If you are in the shower and someone walks in, what is your initial response? For me, I’d jump up and try to cover myself; to keep from further shaming myself. Then, I’d try to hide from that person (and everyone that we share a mutual connection), trying with all my might to avoid the issue at hand. Which is, they know something about me that I’ve tried to keep sacred and private.

Instead of continuing to hide from our imperfections, our sketetons in the closet, or our past decisions; we need to confront them head-on. If we don’t confront the Goliath in our life we will continue to lose our voice. Our strength and authenticity will become weaker and weaker because we’ve freely given our power away.

So, who’s the big bad wolf in your life trying to blow your foundation into shambles? What individual has your hands tied, while pinning you up against the wall?

How are you going to put a stop to this on-going cycle? How are you going to stop the lies and deceit? How are you going to finally declare that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

Regardless of the decisions we’ve made in the past, there is a father that loves us so much that He sent His son on the cross; to remove our set in stains and to wash us white as snow. Lastly, who’s taken us into His family regardless of who we used to be.