Dear Class of 2020… here’s my advise to you!

May 13, 2020 in college students, Education, Sharing Our Journey, Style & Inspiration


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Dear class of 2020, in this time of uncertainty, life after graduation, I thought I could just push through. You know, like I had always done. I thought, if I would put all my time and energy into working, finding a job, keeping myself busy, I would get over this hurdle. This moment would become a thing of the past. Little did I know, nothing that I did or was instructed to do could get me out of this hump.

“I tried everything,” I cried. But still no luck. “I’ve done everything that society told me to do. I’ve lived a dream of going to college and graduating, first in my entire family– however, it looks like I’m the only one suffering. I’m the only one with this pain, like a sword daggered through my heart.

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Quarantined college student? This is how college graduate, now millennial author made it through

April 7, 2020 in college students, Style & Inspiration

Quarantined, feeling stuck, and uncertain what to do next? Listen, when life throws curve balls you can either crumble under press or learn to rise above. It felt like yesterday, I was getting ready for graduation, taking final exams, making sure I passed. Not to mention, since I was a forever transfer student, once again, I found myself getting acclimated to this new city life at my new college campus.

It was only yesterday that I wanted to curl up in bed, only hoping for another 3-day weekend. Or better yet, another christmas break or spring break, anything for that matter.

Sometimes we forget about the here and now (especially while quarantined), getting too focused on what is to come. So much so, that we forget about the little things in life, including spending time with our peers, and getting the opportunity to go to college.

It wasn’t long after, I graduated across that long center stage; which seemed to stretch out like a fashion runway. Yes, that day was bitter sweet. I was happy to get this diploma, I was happy to finally mark this off my list. I was happy not to have another test another day of my life.

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