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Dear class of 2020, in this time of uncertainty, life after graduation, I thought I could just push through. You know, like I had always done. I thought, if I would put all my time and energy into working, finding a job, keeping myself busy, I would get over this hurdle. This moment would become a thing of the past. Little did I know, nothing that I did or was instructed to do could get me out of this hump.

“I tried everything,” I cried. But still no luck. “I’ve done everything that society told me to do. I’ve lived a dream of going to college and graduating, first in my entire family– however, it looks like I’m the only one suffering. I’m the only one with this pain, like a sword daggered through my heart.

Class of 2020: I tried to keep quiet, too!

I thought if I’d keep quiet, it would all come to an end. So, I isolated myself. I secluded myself from everyone that I knew. In this time, I couldn’t see past the veil that continued to cloud my path. I only could recognize that I did all I could do, yet still ended up with the short end of the stick.

Fast forward a few years, I now know that I needed this moment of reflection, of healing, of redirection, and finding purpose. I needed this sudden halt to happen, so that I could tackle everything that I once swept under the rug. Have you swept life under the rug? Did you fall into the trap of thinking, ‘maybe if I keep moving, this feeling that I am experiencing will disappear forever?’

Learning to face the music to overcome your obstacles

Just like a boomerang, if you don’t deal with an issue it is bound to come back. Yes, a boomerang can yield blessings as well, but if you don’t deal with issues, the results will end in an adverse manner. So fight through the process. Shed all your tears. Talk about your feelings, don’t hold it in. Be real. Live in reality, not in the fairytale that I tried to escape to. Live in the now, so you can thrive in the future.