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Do you blame others for all that you’ve experienced? Have you put them in a prison for a sin they didn’t even know they committed? Firstly, we all have been here… I know I have. But the problem is not where you’ve been, but what you are going to do with all of that experience.

When I was a child (along with part of my life after college experience), I used to blame everyone else for the hurts I faced as a middle child. If I had this, if I had that, then maybe I wouldn’t feel this way. I didn’t understand how I could be overshadowed, outwitted, or overlooked on the account of someone else shining brighter then me.

What was wrong with me, I question every now and again. Are they ever going to like me for me?

Maybe you weren’t the middle child, instead you’re the first born. Let me say this, there are obstacles for every sibling placement within a family. We all deal with things differently. We all have built up strength because of these obstacles, these are tools that are needed. We are all part of society, in our differences we are able to see the full picture. We are able to see life from a different perspective, still from a Godly perspective.

Whatever could of, should of, and would of, suggestions that come to mind; decide to choose to not blame others, only being accountable for where you’re healing is to be made.

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