Photo Credit: Danielle Carter

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When you were a child, did your parents or guardian tap you on the hand for putting your hand in the cookie jar (after they blatantly told you to wait until after dinner)? Maybe you were sent on a timeout, well that was after lying to your teacher about what happened to your homework. Ha! If only she knew my dog really didn’t eat my homework, you chuckled. 

Come to find out, the fib that bestowed from your mouth wasn’t the least bit cleaver. In fact, the little lie that you told got you into a heap of trouble. Yes, it was your intentions of misleading the teacher that got you in trouble. Thankfully — the timeouts in the corner of the living room were minuscule in comparison to the charges you’d be dealt if you had continued to walk on the wild side. 

Have you chosen to say goodbye to walking on the edge of life?

When I went to college, I had years worth of morals and foundation set in place; however, it was up to me to put them to use. I had to change my negative mindset, perception, and ill-intended intentions; otherwise, I would begin recipocating far more hardships. 

Have you ever been in such a situation? Well, we all have; however, it is what we choose to do there after that matters most. 

In Introducing Sasha Frank podcast (episode #46: Where Have your Intentions Led You?), I speak just how I learned about the power of positive intentions; and how not listening the foundation that has been built—the knowing of right and wrong—can lead you down a completely different path.