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Light is radiant, it can light up any dark area. Have you ever noticed someone shining ever so brightly and thought to yourself: “Wow, there is something that just emanates peace.” A glow. A light. A confidence— not one filled with boastfulness, but one that exudes a quiet knowing. 

Sometimes that light can be taunting to a person who feels as if they are being overshadowed. Sometimes, their light can cause you to knit pick at yourself, not to mention them. We all have a light that is waiting to be brightened, and exposed to the world. But with exposure, comes ridicule, love and hate — an overall mixture of reactions and emotion. 

When we walk through the process, we build character and we are no longer bothered by what used to create tension. It’s not that things have drastically changed; instead, since we’ve learned to change how we handle things, we can allow certain things to roll off our backs. 

For a few years, I shared the stories of other women in a series called Beauty Chronicles 101. I interviewed women from all walks of life, culture, and region. These women were vulnerable, they were real and open; which, in turn, made me realize that I shared every one else’s story but my own. 

I think its all about timing. 

Being ready and willing.

You must get to a place where you know that “by sharing [your] story, you heal and help others along the way.” That has always been my motto, however, now I was actually walking it out. I felt it was time. My process was different than many others, and your process will be your own too. 

So here it goes… 

Episode #0: Let Me Introduce Myself. 

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