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While hunched over in my chair trying to figure a way out from the dark clouds hovering over me, I just couldn’t get my feet to move.

After trying to be nothing short of perfection, I decided to take things into my own hands. My friends were living freely and practically getting everything that they wanted (so I thought), I was trying to get just one single thing. Anything. But my world was in shambles, as I was trying to do the right thing, only to watch friends shoot up the corporate ladder and get married, leaving me wishing that I lived more care free.

So, again, I took things in my own hands. I made things happen, but I ended up with more broken pieces. The moral of the story is, regardless of what it looks like on the outside, that doesn’t give you the go ahead to make such convictionally life changing decisions. Yes, your best friend has a boyfriend; but is she happy? Is she more consumed with looking happy or loved, then actually experiencing it?

Single or not, trying to fit into today’s culture won’t make you more beautiful. It won’t make you more approachable. And, surely, it won’t get you the most likes. Well, maybe… However, that kind of admiration will fade (but that’s another story for another day. So…stay tuned).

All this to say, be your authentic self. Don’t change who you are, nor try to avoid the foundation of morals you’ve been gifted because it won’t make you whole.

No, no, no — instead, it will leave you with more scars and broken pieces to put back together again.

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