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In the New Year, should I finally make decisions for me, myself, and I? You may be like me, where you take the advice of others — especially those that care for you — to heart. Even if that means that the decision is contrary to where you want to go. And, to be honest, sometimes you are in a season where you don’t really know where you want to be. Or, you have decided to hide it, unknowingly, because you figured it was just a childhood dream. 

I don’t know when or where we gotten the idea that childhood dreams are just that — childhood dreams. When you were a child you may have enjoyed music, writing, teaching, or even debating. Those are seed that God instills in you, and they become our desires; however, it is only us who can act on them — not other people. We have make that choice to make that dream a reality — not our parents, not our teachers, not our mentors. It is going to take us taking that step, recognizing that desire, and acting on a decision.

When I graduated, if you’ve been tuning into Introducing Sasha Frank (“the series”),then you may know that life after college didn’t look like what I wanted it to look like. It didn’t even look like what other people — my family and friends — had envisioned for me. I can go on, but you must listen to the story from the beginning.

Well after making decisions, not for myself, but for other people, for so long — I decided I was going to finally make a decision for me, myself, and I. This is a new year, I choose to treat every day like a new day.

You may be in this same boat.

You may have tried to do what society deems socially acceptable, suitable. 

You may have tried to be the perfect model child.

But, sometimes, experiences happen to lead you back to where you were always supposed to be. Do you think that your life experiences gave you the opportunity — a way out — of the rat race that you were trying to run in? You were never meant to be there. Do you think that finally this is your way out of the tunnel for which you’ve been trapped?

In the new year, my resolution for you is to: Figure out what is hidden underneath the buried treasure (it won’t look glamorous, it will need to be cultivated) and to start making decisions for you. In the new year, I know I will be making decisions for me, myself, and I: How about you?

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