Introducing Sasha Frank (Print Book)


For Bulk copies, please send an email on contact page. Navigating life-after-college was hard. I graduated jobless and was one of the many, who slipped through the cracks. Had to tread through dark waters, and when I finally was asked the question I had been waiting for, I was hit with a fork in the road.

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    Have you woke up one day only to realize that you are not living the dreams that you had as a young child — you know, your calling? You’ve finished everything— well, from a societal point of view — only to realize how empty and unhappy you are. In self-titled memoir, Sasha Frank shares her journey as she finally stops running from the process, even if she must leave behind everything that she once knew. From graduating college jobless to growing into the person she was always called to be, Sasha discovers what it means to find freedom, love, and purpose.

    With refreshing authenticity, vulnerability, and frankness (pun intended) Sasha will help you:

    • Discover the power of forgiveness — from your past and present wounds.
    • Give grace to those who have and, continue to, rejected you.
    • Find freedom and confidence in your uniqueness.
    • Lean not on your own understanding, but the promises of God.

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