Quarantined, feeling stuck, and uncertain what to do next? Listen, when life throws curve balls you can either crumble under press or learn to rise above. It felt like yesterday, I was getting ready for graduation, taking final exams, making sure I passed. Not to mention, since I was a forever transfer student, once again, I found myself getting acclimated to this new city life at my new college campus.

It was only yesterday that I wanted to curl up in bed, only hoping for another 3-day weekend. Or better yet, another christmas break or spring break, anything for that matter.

Sometimes we forget about the here and now (especially while quarantined), getting too focused on what is to come. So much so, that we forget about the little things in life, including spending time with our peers, and getting the opportunity to go to college.

It wasn’t long after, I graduated across that long center stage; which seemed to stretch out like a fashion runway. Yes, that day was bitter sweet. I was happy to get this diploma, I was happy to finally mark this off my list. I was happy not to have another test another day of my life.


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Then reality hit. The uncontrollable happened; which only made me wish I could go back. I only hoped to experience such freedom, freeing me from the whoas of adulting. I was forced into a self quarantined wilderness. When that occurs, will you be willing to “face the music?”

Job after job application. No after no. There seemed to be no stopping this turmoil that was brewing, it was only a matter of time before I was to reach my breaking point.

But, even in the midst of this uncontrollable event, I learned a few things that I wouldn’t have been able to learn otherwise.

1) Focus on the Positives​ – I learned to only recognize the positive things that were happening. Yes, I was well aware of the things I had no control over; but, I had to focus on that which I could control. I had to change the things I could. I had to improve my thinking and focus on things that made life worth living.

2) ​Reintroduced to Me​ – Somewhere down the line, we start to allow outside influences to be the source of who we are. No longer do we do things because we like them, no. We begin doing things to be placed in the same table as our peers. We begin to starting because that’s what we are told to do. We begin working because we are focused on the monetary return. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when do we get to live our lives? One that truly, not only makes us happy, but gives us purpose and meaning. One that, not only benefits us, but benefits the world at large. 

3) ​Second Chance​ – This simple uncontrollable event, reintroduced me back to the little girl who loved music and loved to write. It wasn’t by chance that life after college left me in dire need, it was God giving me a second chance to do things that truly mattered. Music and writing was the only way I was able to express how I was feeling; when I didn’t have the verbiage to say it.