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Have you felt rejected and overlooked? For some of us, we may have felt this way all of our lives from being overlooked by your siblings, never picked on a sports team, or

I think we are all guilty of seeing the outer appearance of someone and assuming that they should be the Most Valuable Player. All the time this happens, we look at those who may possess a certain physical quality, the monetary fund, or the title. Although all of that is good; it doesn’t mean that since someone lacks those qualities they are not or will not become MVP (in their own right).

A few years back, I rushed down to Hollywood, from my college campus. I was so excited a friend of mind told me about an individual who could help us break into the entertainment industry, as talent.

He has already taken their headshots, sent them to meet casting directors, etc, in the duration of a week. 

I rushed to the office; it was a small company. But, no matter how hard I tried to make my presence known; it was as if I was not there.

He barely paid attention to me, or directed any questions towards me. In that moment, I became unsure of myself because the value that God placed in me wasn’t seen.

Maybe I didn’t meet his standard of beauty. Maybe I wasn’t the look he was looking for maybe this was another experience of rejection, a reminder I tried to tuck away. I can’t remember all the pieces, but I remember storming out to my car. I came all the way to the “potential” opportunity to be left neglected and ignored… I’ve never been so mad, outwardly, at least, in my life. 

The beauty about God is:

“But the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Don’t judge by his appearance or height, for I had rejected him. The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.’ ” (1 Samuel 16: 7 NLT).

In the story of David, when Samuel cam to anoint the net King; he was looking at the strength and beauty of all the David’s brothers/ They were men of stature, muscle, etc.

But God said, “…this is the one, anoint him.” (1 Samuel 16:12 NLT)

I say this not to say you’re better, because you’ve experienced this situations, too. But, instead, everyone has a journey that is their own.

Just because you may have been rejected for something you’re family or friends were accepted in, doesn’t mean you, too, won’t be used.

So don’t let the rejection defeat you; we are all individuals uniquely made.

We all have different gifts and strengths. And, just because other people can’t see your strength doesn’t mean that is not there. It just means you are not what “they” were looking for, but, believe me, you will be exactly what someone else is looking for. Just allow God’s love to comfort and fill you up with confidence.

Stay strong, and know that God will use your strength and uniqueness for something great, too. Just continue to surrender it all to Him.