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Ever blame your current issues on everyone around you? I know I have. “Mom, if you would have just put me through music lessons, forcing me to go! Then, maybe I’d be where I am supposed to be,” you say.

Do you think by going through those lessons — or moving our right after high school — you’d be further along? Do you think that if you had a mom that cared the way you needed her to, possibly you’d feel more accepted or loved? Do you believe that if you’re dad didn’t leave you early on, then you wouldn’t be jumping from relationship to relationship? 

The truth is, we don’t know because we are living in the here and now. Not in the what if’s. There comes a point when we need to take what was learned — by our own doing and from family history — and own up to what was done. Then, start tackling how we can pull a lesson out of it.

What lesson have you learned?

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