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Have you ever been reminded of something that your heart desired as a child? It was my sophomore year in college that I boldly declared, “One day I am going to write a book.” I had just made it back to my dorm after taking a trip up to northern California with my family. Even through all of the trials we faced while in route to our destination, we continued to move forward. We continued to seek out and locate people that could help us move further along.

Being the creative child that I was, I documented the entire trip. Which, ultimately, led me to making that bold statement.

It wasn’t until 2017 that I was reminded of this small desire. From the moment I made that statement to graduating jobless to then entering into the blogging world, I learned that I had been honing my craft all along. While in college I had an public relations internship that didn’t turn into the full-time job that I wanted; however, each step was a building block and a  learning lesson for me. Each closed door, led me to another door. Each time I thought I failed, I was actually being pushed towards purpose.

Well, as of 2019, I can officially say that this childhood dream came true. This summer I have officially released Introducing Sasha Frank, a memoir about navigating life after college (which can be found here). Let me tell you, It didn’t come with ease; however, through it all I continued to push past the overwhelming obstables.

What are the desires of your heart? Where have you settled and what dream have you left at the table? You may say, “well, life got a hold of me,” or, “they were just dreams, a fantasy. It wasn’t something that I was meant to live out.”

But what if I told you that dreams are meant to be lived out. As children we dream abundantly, we have these over the top visions; however, when we become adults that doesn’t mean we stop dreaming. Nope, it means that we start taking action steps to bring those visions to life.

What action steps have you taken?