Photo Credit: @her.radiantlove

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Did you know that people can spot you from a mile a way? They recognize the talent in you, the prize possession that you have, or the affiliation or title that you’ve earned. Or, even what they feel they could get out of you if they leach onto you, attaching their name to yours.

Once I, along with friends, we’re so excited that we met a guy in the industry that we were trying to break into. He later mentioned we each had to pay fifty dollars to get the project off the ground. (Which isn’t much, but when you are in school it seems like so much). Well, anyway he took off with our money, never returning our calls.

You won’t always recognize their intentions from the beginning, at times you will, but mostly it takes time. However, one amazing thing about people is that their true colors (or, their true intentions) don’t take long to surface.

Are you recognizing the red flags, the subtle remarks being made… because what flows out of their mouth is always what’s in their heart. The hidden lies and manufactured reactions eventually come to light. So use your God-given gift of discernment.

Be sure to tune into Episode #44: What Are Their Intentions? What is your reason behind this relationship? Do you think your goals and visions are mutual? Or, has someone else’s expectation or intention become a bit skewed? Again, are you recognizing the red flags?